Mantis ComposT-Twin composter


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The Mantis ComposT-Twin dual-chamber composter holds almost 25 cubic feet of raw material €“ that’s 10 bushels in each chamber!

Unlike traditional single-bin composters, the Mantis composter allows your compost to “cook” in one composting bin while leaving room for you to fill the second composting bin with more kitchen and yard scraps. Aerator vents on each door allow oxygen into the chamber while vented end caps assure even air flow and proper drainage. Bin contents are fully enclosed and latched to keep out rodents, pets, and other wildlife.

No more messy, unsightly compost piles, no odours wafting over to your neighbour’s garden. It’s easy to remove your finished compost. The ComposT-Twin frame is a convenient 32″ high for easy loading and unloading. The easy-crank handle and gear mechanisms make the drum easy to turn €“ even when fully loaded!


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