Dolmar Stone Cutter PC-6112


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Fascinating new dimensions: Compact, lightweight and handy 61cm³ cutter with 10% more cutting depth (up to 110 mm). By clean exhaust gas according to EU Stage 2 little impact on people and the environment.

Product Features:

€¢10% lower kerf: Up to 110 mm
€¢Compact, lightweight and portable
€¢Up to one year of operation without filter maintenance by Turbo-cyclone filters
€¢Easy Start by spring assisted overcome the compression resistance, primers and optimized engine management
€¢Touch & Stop: motor stops after you have lightly. Clear positions for cold starting, running and stopping.
€¢Force and health-friendly work by low vibration exposure
€¢Equipped with stratified air scavenging Technology, Reduziertung operating costs by up to 20% less fuel consumption and reduction of hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas to protect the environment
€¢Very tough and durable drive by poor slip poly-V-ribbed belt with uncomplicated eccentric adjustment. No re-tensioning required thanks to self-tensioning system.
€¢Comes standard with feinregulierbaren water nozzle for effective dust control
€¢Clamping device for supply hose
€¢With handy holder for mounting wrench for easy disc changes on site
€¢Comfortable refueling without tilting the device by vertical fuel filler neck
€¢Stability due to 3-point support with rubber feet
€¢Practical level control through inspection window in the fuel tank
€¢Discharge of the exhaust gases against the air flow of abrasive dust for less dirt in the operating area
€¢Precise attaching to cut through the rubber-mounted in neutral cutting attachment


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